Is MoviePass penalizing its most loyal subscriber base? Offers more expensive take it or leave it plans to existing customers.

My wife and I both have MoviePass subscriptions but I somehow am the only one to receive a take it or leave it option to more expensive plans, they also don't offer me the lowest priced subscriptions currently available.

I am confused and disappointed by the way MoviePass has decided to treat me, one of their most loyal customers. We don't watch more than 5-8 films a month and sometimes during cheaper matinee shows. This experience is disappointing being supportive subscribers with MoviePass for the past 2 years and talking it up to friends and colleagues.

The strategy they are using is to track their subscribers usage (and perhaps average ticket price) then force the subscriber to pay more for less. Part of the problem is likely that the theaters and production companies may not find MoviePass's user data all that valuable, so the only way for MoviePass to be profitable is to hope that their subscribers watch 6 or less movies a month for $40.

In light of this change, I've considered if my funds would be better used to subscribe to HBO Now, Amazon Prime, and/or Netflix. A subscription to HBO Now and Netflix is only about $30 to $40 a month compared to the $75 for two subscriptions to MoviePass.  We can also get tickets online through AAA for $8.50 that are good for any 2D movie at anytime, even peak weekend hours. We may go out the movies less but we'll be saving money not just on movies but eating out as well. Eating Thai delivery and watching the latest episode of Homeland or Game of Thrones doesn't sound bad at all.

*Some subscribers claim only being offered $45 to $50 for (6) movies a month or only the $99 a month plans which may be due to the area they are located.

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Dear John,

We started MoviePass to make it easier to see more movies in theaters and encourage the exploration of cinema.  We constantly strive to provide the best service to make this possible, and as a result, we are making some adjustments to our membership plans.  
Below we have 2 new plans to choose from.  The Premium Plan now features any large screen format.  In addition, we now have a Standard Plan that offers a total of 6 2D movies per month.
Once you’ve had a chance to review plan options, as well as read and approved the updated Terms and Conditions, please select your new plan, which will begin on the next billing cycle on 07/26/2016:

Your plan will take effect at the start of your next billing cycle. You also have the option to cancel at no charge.  If no decision is made by your next bill cycle, your account will be placed on hold.  We look forward to providing you the best theatrical subscription service on America’s largest theater network.

For more information check out our blog post here.
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Thank you for your continued support and love of cinema.

The MoviePass Team
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