My 5th, 6th and 7th Running Races... I think I've got a problem

If you've read any of my earlier blogs, then you'll know that earlier this year I ran my very first race. It was a 4 miler and made surprisingly good time of 7:34 per mile. Since then I haven't been able to hit those times again in a 5 mile, 10k and 10 mile race but I'm hooked. I was either in the high 7s/low 8s or as in the 10 mile trail race in the high 8s/low 9s (probably slower due to terrain). I realize it could be a combination of additional distance and that I've stopped my hard core 3 hour work outs that I was doing 4 to 5 days a week. However the point has become moot as I've increased distance, prolonged endurance is now a factor. Running for 1.5 to 2 hours at a time requires hydration and nutrition so I've started to experiment with carrying a water bottle, GU, Clif Bloks and GU Chews. My weekly long runs are now 10 miles in preparation to run a 15k, a half marathon then 25k trail race all between now and August.

Are you a traveling runner or on the west coast this summer? Here are some of events in California.

Central California (near San Francisco)
Headlands 50 and Marathon - Tiburon, California. Sat. July 16, 2011
La Sportiva Table Rock Trail Race 25k - Stinson Beach, California. July 23, 2011

Southern California (near Los Angeles)
Mt. Dissapointment 50k - Mount Wilson, California. Aug. 13, 2011
Bulldog 50k and 25k - Calabasas, California. August 27, 2011