Your First Race, My First Race - Running

I ran my very first race this weekend, a 4 mile race at UCSB sponsored by Citrix Online. I completed the course in a time of 29:39. That's about 7:34 a mile on a diverse terrain course (pavement and trails with hills). Having gone through the learning pains of wearing the wrong shoes, bad form and over running, it turned out very well. Five months ago, as a running newbie, I began running on soft trail runners on pavement and the treadmill nearly causing major damage to my feet. So I bought a pair of Asics Cumulus and began incorporating better running form. Taking things pragmatically, I've gone through various types of feet pain (I'm still experiencing an odd feeling on the bottom of my right foot from a 10 mile run two weeks ago) as well as having gone through leg and calf pains but I think I'm hooked (at least for now). I'm already getting a few races lined up for the future, which is giving me something to train hard for. I'm considering a quick 5k at the end of February, then a 10 miler in mid April before a mountainous 15k (good elevation changes and 100% on trails) at the end of April, building up to a 1/2 Marathon in October or November.
Romeo 4 Mile (2 mile loop)

If you are a traveling runner there's a couple events I'd like to share that may look interesting.

Santa Barbara Endurance Race  April 29th - May 1, 2011.
100 mile, 50 mile, 100k, 50k, 35k, 25k, 15k on mountain trail terrain with good amount of elevation change.

Marathon 26.2 miles, 1/2 Marathon 13.1 miles