Uber, greatest thing since sliced bread but be wary of new Uber drivers, includes Lyft too.

My wife had a flight booked from San Francisco to Los Angeles, she gets on Uber and an Uber driver is just around the block who accepts the request for service. HOWEVER, the driver then claims the ride as being picked up and then continues to drive away from her to downtown San Francisco. My wife watches helplessly as the Uber driver drives into San Francisco while on the phone with my wife, and all the while collecting the fare.

At this point, since the driver seemed crazy or lost, and it looked like my wife may not be making her her flight. So we decided to request a Lyft. After 20 minutes of requesting a Lyft, the original Uber driver shows up (Lyft where were you? Late?), who then continues to tell my wife they would keep driving after they dropped her off as to offset the fare? WHAT?

A prompt email and call was made to Uber about this experience. Especially the part about the driver starting the fare as "picked up" when she wasn't in the vehicle. Otherwise, we've had good experience with Uber and uberPool.