Cutting the cord with the Sling TV app and Amazon Fire TV Stick Review (Sept. 2015)

I recently decided to cut the cord to cable TV. I purchased an Amazon Fire TV Stick for Amazon Prime and subscribed to SlingTV. However, the only caveat is that SlingTV isn't the most stable on the Amazon Fire TV Stick but good enough. SlingTV works very well on mobile devices.

Amazon FireTV Stick
Mobile devices iPad and Android phone

- Cut cable bill from $155/month for 300Mbps with cable TV to $65/month for 100Mbps/5Mbps only internet connection. HUGE savings. Netflix and Amazon Video only need about 25Mbps for an HD stream. Amazon Prime is $99/year.
- Sling TV Orange subscription includes log in for WatchESPN app in addition to it's 20+ channel line up and additional subscription packages. $20 a month, you can get the Blue subscription for $25/month or both for $40/month.
- Amazon Prime is now on the 56" TV and nearly flawless, there are many TV shows and movies available, as well as kids content.

- SlingTV is not perfect on the Amazon Fire TV Stick, but just good enough or I'll switch over to my iPad.


I'm saving nearly $90 a month and getting all the content I could possibly want to watch. Amazon Prime on Amazon Fire Stick works nearly flawlessly for all of Amazon's content and included Prime TV and Movies with their yearly subscription, as well as rentals and purchases. I have SlingTV for live TV such as CNN, ESPN, Bloomberg, HGTV, History Channel, etc.

SlingTV is pretty good, a little slow sometimes and unstable on the Amazon Fire TV Stick but good enough for me. It works nearly flawlessly on mobile devices such as iPads and Android phones. They have an Orange subscription for $20/month which includes ESPN and ESPN2, as well as some content available the WatchESPN app. Their Blue subscription for $25/month includes NBC, NBC Sports, Fox Sports 1 and 2, as well as other sports channels but no ESPN. You can get both for $40.