Sling TV, HBO Now, and other apps unstable except on mobile devices sums it up.

UPDATE: 2016

SlingTV and HBO Now are fairly stable on Android and iOS devices but on the Amazon FireTV Stick, it seems to be a blackhole of freezes and resets somedays. I've come to the conclusion that Amazon FireTV is good for one thing and that's Amazon Prime and Amazon provided content. Third-party apps seem unstable consistently.

However on Chromecast, when casting from my iPad or Android phone it works flawlessly. One caveat however, I believe that your mobile device needs to support HD 1080 video for it to cast HD video to Chromecast.


Cutting the cord with the Sling TV app and Amazon Fire TV Stick Review (Sept. 2015)

I recently decided to cut the cord to cable TV. I purchased an Amazon Fire TV Stick for Amazon Prime and subscribed to SlingTV. However, the only caveat is that SlingTV isn't the most stable on the Amazon Fire TV Stick but good enough. SlingTV works very well on mobile devices.

Amazon FireTV Stick
Mobile devices iPad and Android phone

- Cut cable bill from $155/month for 300Mbps with cable TV to $65/month for 100Mbps/5Mbps only internet connection. HUGE savings. Netflix and Amazon Video only need about 25Mbps for an HD stream. Amazon Prime is $99/year.
- Sling TV Orange subscription includes log in for WatchESPN app in addition to it's 20+ channel line up and additional subscription packages. $20 a month, you can get the Blue subscription for $25/month or both for $40/month.
- Amazon Prime is now on the 56" TV and nearly flawless, there are many TV shows and movies available, as well as kids content.

- SlingTV is not perfect on the Amazon Fire TV Stick, but just good enough or I'll switch over to my iPad.


I'm saving nearly $90 a month and getting all the content I could possibly want to watch. Amazon Prime on Amazon Fire Stick works nearly flawlessly for all of Amazon's content and included Prime TV and Movies with their yearly subscription, as well as rentals and purchases. I have SlingTV for live TV such as CNN, ESPN, Bloomberg, HGTV, History Channel, etc.

SlingTV is pretty good, a little slow sometimes and unstable on the Amazon Fire TV Stick but good enough for me. It works nearly flawlessly on mobile devices such as iPads and Android phones. They have an Orange subscription for $20/month which includes ESPN and ESPN2, as well as some content available the WatchESPN app. Their Blue subscription for $25/month includes NBC, NBC Sports, Fox Sports 1 and 2, as well as other sports channels but no ESPN. You can get both for $40.

2013 - Mavic Aksium Wheels seams that look like cracks

I  noticed that there are cracks in the wheels directly across from the valves. I first thought they were broken and possibly manufacture defects. However, I found out they are simply non-welded seams. One of the seams are a little uneven but they are smooth on the brake pad side. Apparently they are there by design just in case you were wondering they were too.


Sparkle Athletic (Team Sparkle) Virtual 5k for Rett Syndrom Awareness

I am a little late to the game but help support my friends and their efforts to help find a cure for Rett Syndrome and raise awareness.

Participating is easy:

1. Sign up for the #TeamSparkle virtual 5k. Registration is open 2/9/15 – 2/24/15.

2. Run/walk/roll at least 3.1 miles (5k) anytime between now and Saturday, April 11th, 2015. However, we’d suggest you complete the 5k the weekend that we are running Ragnar So Cal (April 10th-11th). YOU will be receiving a real, actual bib AND a beautiful, sparkly, die cast #TeamSparkle medal the week of April 6th.

3. Share your pictures with the rest of #TeamSparkle on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using the hashtags #ragnar4rett and #TeamSparkle. Post pics of your #flatsparkle (the clothes & gear you are rocking), your medal, your run, and anything else you want to share. Although you may be racing virtually, by posting your pics to our Facebook page, or using the hashtags on Instagram and Twitter - we can cheer everyone on! -

See more at: and sign up!