Gaucho Gallop 10k - UCSB Running Series

I ran the final of the UCSB Running Serices, the Gaucho Gallop 10k, 5k fun run and 1k Diogi Dog race. Coming from a 2 week vacation and just 1 week to prepare... I wasn't prepared but finished in a challenging 8 minute per mile race. I also mis-judged the finished and started sprinting much too early. This time in the race package, they included a package of Clif Blok chews, an electrolyte nutrition chew to be taken before and during the race. They helped me recover a lot quicker and I felt fresh after the race but I struggled through the run itself. Looking ahead to the next race, I hope to be better prepared for the Born To Run Ultras 10 mile race on the trails in Los Olivos wine country.

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