My Second Race - UCSB Shamrock 5 Mile

I'll be the first to admit, I didn't prepare much for the UCSB Shamrock 5 Mile Race. It had been raining a lot the weeks before and I kept to the gym and the treadmill, maybe making out once a week for an outdoor run but I didn't fare so badly either.  The course was a mix of trails and pavement, but in the trails it was wet, muddy and challenging.  Here's a short video of the UCSB Shamrock 5 Mile Race.  It was my first time running in adverse, wet condition. My shoes got wet and heavy, then I fell into a deep muddy hole falling flat on my face. When I fell, I experienced one of the few nice aspects of participating. A guy and his girlfriend briefly stopped to help me up before continuing on to finish the race. Big thanks to the class act.  The next race is the Gaucho 10k (and 5k) on April 30th which I won't have time to prepare for as I might be travelling but will be looking for every opportunity to put down some miles where ever I am to be in the best condition for the run. Two weeks later will be the Born To Run Ultra Marathons on April 14th on a beautiful ranch in Los Olivos which has a 10 mile course (in addition to the 50k, 100k and 100 mile courses for the Ultra marathoners) essentially a 20 mile figure 8 loop from the descriptions. There's camping the night before and seems like it'll be a lot of fun as well as a great experience in wine country.

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