Panasonic HDC-SD9 High Definition Camcorder

I bought a Panasonic HDC-SD9 for a great price ($350 brand new) almost a year ago and it takes great video in HD format, HDMI out, etc. It shoots in native HD1920 and has various options to lower the HD quality to preserve flash memory space 16GB SDHC Flash Memory for a low price. The user manual only shows up to 16GB but I don't think anything is stopping it from using 32GB SDHC cards. The one complaint was the OEM battery which only lasts about one hour at full HD quality. Then a solution was found...

I purchased a VW-VBG130/260 replacement kit from Dino Direct. For $15.99 ( sells it for $119.99). It comes with the specific charger (required), a car adapter and 4-5 hour extended life battery. The trick here is that the original Panasonic VW-VBG130 and 260 have a chip that sends the battery life via a current through the power socket on the camcorder. With the replacement, this chip (which is patented) doesn't exist so a nasty message saying "This battery cannot be used" shows up on the screen if it's not covered. The battery kit comes with 2 lugs to cover the power socket! I now have a 4-5 hour battery!

Another issue was editing the AVCHD (Sony format) HD video. Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9 Platinum (I got my copy for $49.99 on eBay) has native MTS/AVCHD support and it works great! It imports and reads MTS files directly without issue in its high definition greatness. It also allows to share edited videos quickly to Youtube through the software. Now with all the tools and batteries for ease and convenience of operation, this makes the smallest full HD camcorder in world one of the best in its price class. People who thought they were stuck with a dud for so long can now rejoice.



  1. According to me Size is exceptional, with just about all the right components (not necessarily placed in the right spot). Great potential going forward for 3 ccd plaform in this size format. Looking forward to future products from Panasonic.

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  2. Size and convenience are definitely strong points but the HD video is excellent as exampled in this video. The 3CCDs capture some rich colors and sharp video. Test videos like this from HDC-SD9 owners are great. Make sure to click on HD on the youtube screen for HD greatness.

  3. I can't find the replacement kit on Dino Direct website. Would you mind posting the link ?

  4. Hi KK, here you go. Make sure it's a replacement for the VW-VBG130 or the VW-VBG260, you'll see the model number on the original OEM battery. They send a charger, a car charger, battery and 2 plugs. I got mine in two different packages, so one may arrive one day before the other. Remember to use the AC/DC socket plug because of the chip which sends battery life signal to the camera. You won't see the battery life indicator with the replacement battery but I found it to be not such a big deal.

  5. I forgot to mention, the 130 is the 1 hour battery and the 260 is the extended life battery. It's a bit larger than the OEM one so it sticks out the back a little but it lasts much longer than the OEM one.